Services that leave nothing to be desired

For DEWIMED, service is the overarching concept. Whether product services or instructions for use, our global customer support is always happy to support our customers quickly and reliably. And seeing ourselves as a high-quality service partner has helped us to achieve the market position that gives DEWIMED its unique edge. Deep knowledge of the complex requirements and topics our customers deal with is indispensable here: We always have a finger on the pulse of practice. It is this holistic understanding of what is happening in the market and our many years of experience that combine to form our special strength.


Product Service

Our product services include tender invitations, solutions for surgical lights, or consulting on the composition of sets. It goes without saying that DEWIMED is always at your service quickly in the fields of technical service, repair service, or in case of complaints.

Technical Service

Reliable technical service and professional device management are important prerequisites for testing and maintaining medical devices.


DEWIMED naturally endeavors to avoid complaints at the outset. And yet, complaints do happen. When they do it is important to ensure a quick, reliable, and professional reaction. And that we do!

Repair service

DEWIMED places great importance on sustainability and efficiency. As in other fields, innovation is the measure of all things in medicine, too. However, providing professional repair services is at least as important.

Instructions for use

We at DEWIMED provide our customers with instructions for use for all our products. These instructions are in accordance with the currently valid standards and guidelines