What we care about

Those who generate value need a solid foundation of values.
As a company doing business with medical technology, we operate in a field that has always had and will always have special significance for people: health. This statement may sound trivial – but it is what drives us forward every day and it is a constant commitment for us at DEWIMED REMA. Because we derive principles and values from it that shape our actions both within and outside the company. The pivotal points are:


Products from DEWIMED REMA are among the best available on the market: practical, proven, continuously improved.


Long life cycles, multiple use, use of sustainable raw materials in products, avoiding waste, and energy efficiency in our processes are a matter of course for us.


Simply put: You can always rely on DEWIMED REMA – from the products to the service. We act openly, honestly, and on a personal level.
“I like to compare our values to a good ship: The sea may be a little rougher at times, but we always stay on course.”
Christiane Schiller, Managing Director of DEWIMED REMA