Our Claim

Making the impossible possible - Light without shadows

Shadow-free illumination of the working area is vital in the operating room. Thanks to the special alignment of each of the 50 LED supports, DEWILUX operating theatre lights enable shadow-free working, even when bending over the light field. Due to the unique rectangular shape of our operating theatre lights, there is no need for handles on the sides.
This prevents the development of thermal air flows around the lamp, as is usually the case with different heat developments
in the operating room.


The advantages of Dewilux

DEWILUX LED is a new generation of surgical lights. The latest LED technology with numerous user-relevant functions can be configured according to individual requirements and thus offers the perfect lighting solution.

Ice-Cold Light

The housing of the surgical light is milled from a solid block of aluminium. This guarantees the best possible heat dissipation and therefore ice-cold light even over many hours of operation.

Unique Ambient Lighting „AMBI-Light“

Individually adjustable contrast lighting with 20 different colours when surgical light is not required for minimally invasive procedures.

Low ceiling heights

There are more than twelve different configurations of our Dewilux luminaire, making it also suitable for low ceilings. Due to the power cables installed in the arm of the surgical luminaire, the luminaires can be rotated 360°.

Absolutely hygienic

Thanks to its unique smooth shape, the luminaire is quick and easy to clean. The light is designed as a closed system and is therefore waterproof. All cleaning agents and disinfectants used in the operating room can be used for the surgical light without any problems.


A 4K camera is integrated in the surgical light.

Adjustable lighting

Three levels for individual adjustment of the light and colour temperature: 4300K / 5100K / 5300K. The light intensity can be adjusted in five stages on the display. The size of the light field can be individually adjusted on the sterile handle of the operating light.

No plastic

The shatterproof glass of our surgical light is a heat-stored, thermally toughened and extra-white float glass.

Made in Germany

Our surgical light is 100 % manufactured in Germany.

State-of-the-art LED technology

Well-designed light emitting diodes in combination with an optimal reflector arrangement ensure optimal illumination.

Environmentally Friendly

Low power consumption of only 40 to 50 watts thanks to LED technology (no halogen light).

Durable System

The running time of the LED reflectors is 50,000 hours.

Optimisation of Laminar Flow

Minimal impact on laminar flow thanks to handleless housing.

The DEWILUX system allows seamless positioning of the lights as well as integration and uncomplicated placement
of all essential devices such as monitors, cameras and other equipment.


Using the very latest camera technology, we have succeeded in installing a high-resolution 4K camera directly inside the housing. The advantages speak for themselves: Space-saving, perfect image reproduction, easier to clean. Also, installing the camera inside the light fixture prevents operator errors from occurring.

Our mobile version

Our entry-level model. All the advantages of our surgical lights, just on wheels. Fits perfectly in every power socket. Ideal for quick mobile operation and, with a light intensity of 130,000 LX, this is a totally viable luminaire for use in operating theatres. As an option, it can also be ordered with batteries that guarantee 7 hours of operation after a power failure.

High-capacity, innovative technology

Optimal LED-reflector combination

The shape and arrangement of the reflectors, perfectly matched with two bright LEDs per support, ensure a homogeneous 360° field of illumination.