O.S.A.S. Orthodontics

Our orthodontic implantology solutions include a complete set – covering everything from the O.S.A.S. screw to screwdrivers, blades, adapters, and accessories. Ergonomic, safe, ground-breaking. In a nutshell: smart innovations – made in Germany.

O.S.A.S. from A to Z

  • 2-in-1 screwdriver
  • Adapters
  • Blades
  • Accessories
    (ratchet wrench etc.)
  • Trays / sets
  • O.S.A.S. Screws

The centrepiece

Every DEWIMED O.S.A.S. screw is made of TITANIUM (Ti6Al4V): strong, proven, and with maximum biocompatibility.

DEWIMED – for orthodontics

Unlike most other disciplines, orthodontic implantology must consider both medical and optical patient requirements. The smile – characterized by teeth – is one of the most important distinguishing features of any person. Our guiding principle at DEWIMED: Every orthodontic treatment is as individual and unique as the patient. Our O.S.A.S. (Orthodontic Skeletal Anchorage System) solutions must be adapted to make a perfect match. This is enabled through our flexible O.S.A.S. system: our titanium O.S.A.S. screws with 8 different types of heads and self-drilling and self-tapping tips form the heart of it to ensure an easy and safe insertion process into the bone. They are compatible with the entire range of screws so that only the screwdriver and a single tip are required to work with the entire product line. Being an experienced partner of orthodontists all over the world, it goes without saying that DEWIMED offers a complete range of accessories.

Advantages of our O.S.A.S. system

  • Anchorage teeth used in conventional treatment are no longer required
  • Direct implant introduction enables immediate implant loading
  • O.S.A.S. screws with self-drilling and self-tapping tips
  • Different O.S.A.S. screw types and heads for wide range of applications
  • Screwdriver and adapter are easy to use and make treatment more comfortable