Orthodontic Skeletal Anchorage System

O.S.A.S. Orthodontics

Our orthodontic implantology solutions include a complete set – covering everything from the O.S.A.S. screw to screwdrivers, blades, adapters, and accessories. Ergonomic, safe, ground-breaking. In a nutshell: smart innovations – made in Germany.


Unlike conventional treatment, you no longer need anchor teeth. Our system allows direct implant fixation with immediate force transmission.

The self-drilling and self-turning O.S.A.S screws are easy to use and offer maximum flexibility thanks to different models and heads. Your implant treatment has never been so comfortable and efficient.

All instruments can be used for all variations of DEWIMED O.S.A.S. screws. All instruments are available individually.


  • Biocompatibility
  • Ease of placement and use
  • Immediate loading
  • Use with known orthodontic mechanical systems
  • Clinically equal or better results compared to conventional anchorage variants
  • Easy to remove
  • Low costs
  • Meets aesthetic demands

O.S.A.S. Sterilization Rack ALL-IN-ONE

  • Storage for universal screwdriver and 4 tips
    (40 mm, 60 mm, 70 mm and 60 mm against angle)
  • Storage of DEWIMED O.S.A.S. screws of each length
    (69 spaces)
  • Easy and ergonomic

The MICRO O.S.A.S Sterilization Rack is able to store 6 DEWIMED O.S.A.S. units

Data sheets for O.S.A.S. bolts


O.S.A.S. General properties


D.O.S. General properties


O.S.A.S. 2.1 General properties

Technical Guide

„DEWIMED screws offer remarkable versatility, which allows us to use them throughout the jaw.“

Dr. Carolien Bauer, Senior physician at Heidelberg University Hospital

Advantages of the DEWIMED O.S.A.S. System

Self-drilling screw systems, such as the DEWIMED O.S.A.S. System, do not require any preparation of the bone. The thread works through the gingiva and cortex without pre-dril- ling because of its self tapping tip.

Punching the gingiva to prepare a passage is not necessary either with the O.S.A.S. System. In most situations, infiltration anaesthesia can be omitted and the screw can be inserted with surface anaesthesia.

O.S.A.S. System self-cutting, self-drilling and easy
Used in some cases

Four steps to a perfect anchorage

The DEWIMED O.S.A.S. screw can be functionally loaded without a healing phase. The immediate loading has a positive effect on the contact with the surrounding bone and promotes the quality of the anchorage. Self-drilling and tapping to simplify placement, in combination with the head shape that prevents gingival overgrowth, make the application extremely effective. The skilful placement of just a few DEWIMED O.S.A.S. screws opens up creative solutions in orthodontics and orthopaedics. The thread is equipped with a centring tip, which enables easy application.

Immediately use