The history of DEWIMED

How fast time flies… It was in 1978 that Jobst von Dewitz and his wife Sybille founded a distribution company for medical devices and instruments. Their goal: to offer not just high-quality products, but also comprehensive solutions for the healthcare sector. Their way to get there: to establish strategic partnerships with physicians and hospitals as well as qualified manufacturers and suppliers.

This strategy was no less than the foundation of DEWIMED’s success story. Could the entrepreneurial couple back then have expected their company to develop into a globally successful brand? What we know for sure is that the couple based their corporate philosophy on values. This entails a consistent focus on meeting the highest quality standards, sustainability, and great reliability of products and services – values that continue to characterize DEWIMED’s actions to this day and that form the basis for the company’s success in establishing itself as an international player.

In the meantime, the company has been handed over to the second generation, i.e. the daughter Christiane Schiller. Together with her husband Martin Schiller, she continues to pave the proven path to success and has established a diversified international strategy.

Today, the DEWIMED brand stands for processing high-grade materials, absolute precision, and excellent handling. We are always ready to take on new challenges and develop additional user-friendly products as we are in constant exchange with physicians, surgeons, specialized surgical and sterilization personnel, as well as hospital administrations and their purchasing departments. For our customers – with our customers.

DEWIMED’s motto: No product ever reaches a level where it cannot be improved further. This could also be called ‘taking responsibility for innovation‘. Here, we feel that quality and efficiency are inextricably linked: Optimized and efficient production processes in our facilities enable us to offer our services at attractive conditions.

DEWIMED’s business model rests on 3 pillars:

Quality, sustainability, reliability.
These are more than just words here at DEWIMED.


Identifying requirements, developing solutions.
Practical, constructive, and trustworthy.

Would you like to know what our continuous product improvements and innovations are based on? Yes, there is no question that our technological expertise forms an important part of such processes. However, the most important factor in all developments by DEWIMED is a strong network of partners consisting of personal connections with doctors, surgeons, and clinical professionals located around the world. After all, who could identify new requirements for medical technology products and solutions better and faster than those who use them on a daily basis?

For this reason, we always keep a finger on the pulse and, thus, often identify trends before others do. This leads us to develop our products in close cooperation with our partner network. The O.S.A.S. system developed by DEWIMED is a good example for this. The currency for this is trust, which we have earned over many years and continue to build and retain.

“No matter how good a technological solution is, it always has to prove one thing:
its suitability for practical applications in the operating room. This is the only thing that matters.”

Martin Schiller, Sales Manager at DEWIMED


From practice – for practice.

Surgeons, physicians, and clinical personnel around the world have relied on DEWIMED for decades. Our versatile product portfolio is highly regarded for having been developed in close alignment with the needs of practitioners and for its continuous optimization: Where there is a requirement, we have the corresponding product. Here, personal contact and highly customer-oriented service provision are pivotal: listen, understand, implement.
Our production, sales, consulting, and service teams have delighted our customers with this attitude for more than 40 years: You too can benefit from the experience and competence of DEWIMED.

Andrea Zeller
Project/Product Management & Marketing


“The first system is sold by Sales, the following ones by Service.”

We live this old merchants’ saying every day. Because we see the business relationships with our customers for what they are quite literally – as relationships. Therefore, with DEWIMED products you may also rely on comprehensive service provision. During the entire service life of the products. We don’t leave our customers out in the cold!

User education and training forms an important part of DEWIMED’s service mentality. Seminars and workshops are important ways to reveal new insights and possibilities to the world of medical technology – and to closely link our solutions with daily practice.