Technical Service

Reliable technical service and professional device management are important prerequisites for testing and maintaining medical devices.

DEWIMED considers itself a competent partner who properly carries out all kinds of equipment testing and complies with any applicable legal requirements. Our customers thus benefit from added security and smooth operations in their daily work. For us, service quality starts with qualifying and training our own employees and finds its consistent continuation in the equipment used in our company, i.e. state-of-the-art test devices and tools. Thus, our technical service is a consistent continuation and extension of trustful cooperation.

Be in control with DEWIMED

Our technical service – reliable, experienced, personal, and always with a finger on the pulse:

  • Professional device management and maintenance as per statutory requirements
  • Qualified personnel, continuous training
  • Customer support around the world through global service network
  • Close coordination with practitioners
  • Experienced team of medical technology specialists