Product Service

Focus on product services

We at DEWIMED divide ‘product services’ into three major areas:

  • Tender invitations
  • Solutions for surgical lights
  • Consulting on set compositions

Our tendering services are of particularly great benefit to our customers and provide them with valuable support for their active market participation. The configuration and adaptation of our surgical lights to the individual conditions and special lighting requirements of operating rooms is another invaluable service for anyone working in the OR. And that ultimately benefits the patient.

Moreover, our global market position and decades of experience in working with international medical and surgical teams enable us to recommend suitable set compositions. Of course we always act according to our guiding principle here: We recommend, our customers decide. This always results in a solution that meets the user requirements on the one hand, but is also efficient in economic terms on the other hand. And that is exactly what DEWIMED is appreciated for around the globe.

Tender invitations

in the field of medical technology and medical equipment such as endoscopy, X-ray, ultrasound, gastroscopy, bronchoscopy, tomography, dialysis, electrocardiography, electroencephalography, defibrillators, patient monitoring, CT, mammography, resuscitation, ventilation, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, pacemakers, cardiac catheters and other medical devices can be rather demanding and require great experience in balancing requirements and capital expenditure. We at DEWIMED will support you in doing so.

Solutions for surgical lights

are an important core competence of DEWIMED. With our DEWILUX system, we have developed a ground-breaking solution in this field. Our level of experience in adapting and configuring ‘light in the OR’ is rare in this complex endeavour. After all, every OR is different (higher, lower, small, large, etc.): Light intensity, arms, reflectors, etc. must be suit the specific room. DEWIMED is your perfect partner to make it happen.

Consulting on set compositions

Sets and their composition are not specified in any standard and compositions vary widely across the globe. More of then than not, their composition is a choice of the specific surgeon using them. Therefore, it is helpful to have an experienced partner like DEWIMED at your side who works with surgeons and other users in ORs around the world.