Clean, pure, safe – with DEWIMED

The most important thing in surgical areas is maximum safety achieved through cleanliness and clinical sterility. We at DEWIMED make an important contribution to this with our sterile containers.

Whether in the dental and implantology sector or for various other surgical procedures: Sterile containers protect the surgical instruments and implants to be used from external influences. Once it has been used, the sterile container made of anodized aluminium is conditioned in the sterilization unit (‘steri’) and remains in this sterile and safe storage until it is (re-)used in the OR. The integrity of the sterile materials is usually ensured by a single-use sealing, and additional colour variants can be used for better identification or allocation. We at DEWIMED with our extensive and high-quality portfolio of sterile containers have been a popular partner to the global surgical and dental industry for many years.

DEWIMED is always the right choice:

  • Impressive portfolio of sterile containers including sieve trays
  • Top quality made of anodized aluminium
  • Wide range of applications
  • Clinically proven
  • Smart and safe handling
  • Personal service and support provided around the globe

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