DEWIMED - for minimally invasive procedures

The number of minimally invasive procedures has continuously increased over the last decades. Our endoscopic instruments make DEWIMED an important partner.

Minimally invasive surgical and examination procedures have numerous advantages. Most importantly, patients benefit from the comparatively low severity of the intervention, where a small incision is usually sufficient. Therefore, medical instruments for endoscopy have become increasingly important in recent years.

We at DEWIMED are an experienced and reliable partner in this field and provide support to our customers based on a diverse portfolio of endoscopic devices and instruments for minimally invasive surgery. Here, our monopolar forceps and our shaver blades are special highlights complemented by many other products that now form part of the standard repertoire for minimally invasive surgery performed by physicians and surgeons around the globe.

DEWIMED provides you with:

  • A comprehensive surgical instrument portfolio including accessories
  • Top quality
  • Great value for money
  • Continuous further development of our solutions through close coordination with practitioners
  • Decades of experience and excellent market expertise in endoscopy
  • Reliable supply through efficient warehousing and logistics
  • Personal service and customer support across the globe

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